Digital Marketing Agency, Webspresso, Shares Four Ways To Boost Your Open Rate With Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Johannesburg, April 13, 2018 –To help companies exceed the average Email Marketing Campaigns, open rate, digital marketing agency, Webspresso, shares top tips. The average Email Marketing Campaigns open rate for email marketing campaigns across all industries is 32%, and businesses within the arts and entertainment, construction, human resources, legal, and real estate industries have the highest open rates. If you’re at or below the national average, or you’re not in a top performing industry, there are ways to increase your Email Marketing Campaigns, open rate.

To increase your Email Marketing Campaigns, open rate, try implementing the following changes:

1. Improve your subject line.

Your subject line is your first impression, and first impressions count. To create a subject line that prompts recipients to open your emails, be urgent, useful, unique, and ultra-specific. If it’s not possible to write a subject line with all these elements, try to use at least two of them. For example, the headline “three ways to get referrals from clients within 12 hours” is specific, and it creates a sense of urgency.

2. Write directly to one person.

If possible, include the name of your recipient in the subject line. If that’s not possible, greet them by their first name in the body of the email. Then, make sure the content of the email speaks directly to them. Segmenting your email marketing and tailoring content to small groups of people based on shared traits makes this task easier.

3. Select a face for your company emails.

Great newsletters do this well—they select someone to be the face of the company newsletter and the newsletter is written from their perspective. This concept is easily adapted to all email marketing. As readers get used to hearing from a likeable expert, they’ll begin to look for their emails, and your open rate will increase.

4. Don’t compete needlessly.

Send your emails at the right time of day. This is when your target audience will be looking at their email with free time on their hands. Avoid sending emails early in the morning or late at night because they will wind up in a pile of emails, many of which will be spam, and recipients may miss your emails, or even accidently delete them as they clean out the junk emails they received overnight.


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