People don’t do what you expect, they do what you inspect. Higher consumer expectations and increased competition make customer service ‘the difference that makes the difference.” In virtually all Service Industry sectors, businesses are focusing more energy on Online Mystery Shopper Campaign or bricks and mortar Mystery Shopping to keep an eye on the delivery and quality of customer service.

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So what is Mystery Shopping? Mystery Shopping is the practice of using trained Shoppers to anonymously evaluate customer service, day to day operations, employee integrity, merchandising, and service quality. Mystery shopping can include both mystery visits and mystery telephone calls. In short, Mystery Shopping is a simple, cost effective tool that will help you improve customer service, measure staff performance and leave your competition in the dust.

Mystery Shopping is a simple tool that allows you to see your, products, services and staff through your customer’s eyes. This includes how they are welcomed when they enter the Salon, the quality of your displays, the friendliness of the staff and the overall customer experience they go through when making a purchase. Mystery Shoppers posing as normal customers perform specific tasks such as booking a treatment, purchasing a product or even just asking questions. These customers then provide detailed reports or feedback about their experiences to the Owner and Manager. Mystery shopping is simply an innovative, inexpensive form of market research that any Nail Tech or Therapist, can use to evaluate the overall level of customer satisfaction during a shopping experience. It also gives you vital information which can help discover unseen strengths or weaknesses. You can then use this information to make key changes to improve your business or online business and knock your customers socks off!

The Mystery Shopper tool includes a complete tutorial that covers;

a. The benefits of Mystery Shopping

b. How a mystery shopping campaign works

c. How to select the correct Mystery Shoppers

d. Educating the Mystery Shoppers

e. Business Intelligence – debriefing the Mystery Shoppers

f. Making the most of your newfound knowledge

Plus the download includes a complete, detailed yet easy to use Mystery Shopper checklist that your Shoppers can complete after they have phoned or visited your Salon. It is a complete off the shelf system that’s quick, easy and inexpensive to implement!

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Boost Website Traffic

Web Design Companies Johannesburg

We all know we have to  Boost Website Traffic but here’s a little story that might help you understand better

The title of this blog post is Boost Website Traffic but read on to see what happened to me last week.

Last week I arrived at a customer’s business a few minutes early, so I sat in the reception waiting to see the Salon Owner. I sat there amazed, and once again I realized how clueless people are when it comes to marketing their products and services.

Here’s why – while I was waiting, I sat watching a Nail Technician deal with a walk in customer who was visiting the Salon for the very first time.

When she was finished, the Nail Technician thanked the client, took her money and as the client opened the door to leave she said, “I hope you come back soon!”

I hope you come back – that’s it? You can’t build your business on hope alone.

She didn’t ask for the client for her mobile number.

She didn’t ask the client for her email address.

She didn’t recommend a retail product.

She didn’t even offer the new client any kind loyalty incentive.

She just let repeat business walk out the door.

So when I finally sat down with the Salon Owner, I had to ask her some critical questions about her Salon Marketing. It turns out that they regularly have customers walking into the Salon, but they have never used walk in’s to build a bigger, better customer database.

Their business is just like most other Salons. Their clientele is made up of a lot of regulars, but they also have a lot of walk in’s – most of which are once off customers who never return. Now let me ask you the same question I asked the Salon Owner, “Wouldn’t it make a huge difference to your business if you converted more of those one-off customers into regular consistent repeat business?”

When you have an impressive online presence and your digital marketing and website is attractive with compelling content, it makes all the difference, like the example above you need clients finding you on the first page of google as well as returning to see your products and or services, so you can build trust and a good online presence or rapport with them, This will then lead them to filling out an online form where you can then take decisive action and contact the new client and convert them into an existing one.

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Graphic Design

Sometimes when production is heavy, some of the non-arty types around our studio joke about being able to help the designers out, saying, “why don’t we put your photo on this matchbox”

Oh if it were only that simple, we would all be involved in Graphic Design, thanks for trying but no thanks guys!

The truth is that graphic design requires a lot more than just a willing heart and a pack of color pencils . It takes a lot of skill, training and talent to create effective visual communication, but many folks leave it as an afterthought when it should really be one of the very first priorities.

Today we’re going to talk about what graphic designers do and why good graphic design is so critical to your business.

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