People don’t do what you expect, they do what you inspect. Higher consumer expectations and increased competition make customer service ‘the difference that makes the difference.” In virtually all Service Industry sectors, businesses are focusing more energy on Online Mystery Shopper Campaign or bricks and mortar Mystery Shopping to keep an eye on the delivery and quality of customer service.

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So what is Mystery Shopping? Mystery Shopping is the practice of using trained Shoppers to anonymously evaluate customer service, day to day operations, employee integrity, merchandising, and service quality. Mystery shopping can include both mystery visits and mystery telephone calls. In short, Mystery Shopping is a simple, cost effective tool that will help you improve customer service, measure staff performance and leave your competition in the dust.

Mystery Shopping is a simple tool that allows you to see your, products, services and staff through your customer’s eyes. This includes how they are welcomed when they enter the Salon, the quality of your displays, the friendliness of the staff and the overall customer experience they go through when making a purchase. Mystery Shoppers posing as normal customers perform specific tasks such as booking a treatment, purchasing a product or even just asking questions. These customers then provide detailed reports or feedback about their experiences to the Owner and Manager. Mystery shopping is simply an innovative, inexpensive form of market research that any Nail Tech or Therapist, can use to evaluate the overall level of customer satisfaction during a shopping experience. It also gives you vital information which can help discover unseen strengths or weaknesses. You can then use this information to make key changes to improve your business or online business and knock your customers socks off!

The Mystery Shopper tool includes a complete tutorial that covers;

a. The benefits of Mystery Shopping

b. How a mystery shopping campaign works

c. How to select the correct Mystery Shoppers

d. Educating the Mystery Shoppers

e. Business Intelligence – debriefing the Mystery Shoppers

f. Making the most of your newfound knowledge

Plus the download includes a complete, detailed yet easy to use Mystery Shopper checklist that your Shoppers can complete after they have phoned or visited your Salon. It is a complete off the shelf system that’s quick, easy and inexpensive to implement!

To find out more about the tool please contact us on info@webspresso.co.za or give us a call on TEL: 011 465 1600


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